Monthly Archives: August 2006

We’re here!

Are you like me?

We have something in common for sure – far more than our looks, our hues and textures and vernacular.  Our views – our takes on it – our voices – our stories – our footprints and imprints are uniquely alike and unlike.

This Black Baby Boomer is admittedly a procrastinating, often overwhelmed, and unfocused being, full of interests and undeveloped talents. This one is of full of potential and passions and easily distracted by fascination, mundane and obligation, simplicity and complexity alike.

What’s your story?  Which Black Baby Boomers are you?

Well…we’re here now … at a nexus focused on connecting all the elements of our fascinating, simple, infinite complexities of being of Black Baby Boomers.

What a perfect place to connect our dots.  Find yourself in this space, if not now, then later. Drop a line and let me know what’s not here yet and know that it’s coming.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.  Come back often and bring your people.