Blogging While Brown

Keeping it Real!
I have owned Black Baby Boomer domains for years, always with the intent of creating a fabulous online presence for my unique demographic. Life’s priorities and a bit (or a lot) of procrastination get in the way, and years later, the intent is still here, but the blog and sites remain devoid of my fabulous content. Faithfully, I renew my domains, but my writing is for technical projects that pay the bills,  not my blog(s).

As a Legacy IT professional, I’ve enjoyed working with cutting edge technologies thru the years and writing about them.  It’s only natural that my fascination with information technology has spanned the bits and bytes from the Holerith card and mastering that Y Over punch, 2260 Hazeltone terminals, asynchronous transaction processing, macro to command, the hysteria of Y2K’s 999999,

Macromedia to Adobe, to today’s Big Data, Infographics and Blogging even in SharePoint. That is my world.

This year, tho –  this summer, this time is the time to commit and expend my energies and talents Right Here! The universe is waiting and is so ready for my voice, a collective voice of my oh-so-hip demographic.

That said, I would love to attend the 2013 Blogging While Brown convention in Harlem and bask in the energy of those actually propagating bits and bytes of the web with their words, images, ideas, and unbridled presence.  They inspire me and make me proud of them and their lasting collaborative efforts.  Exposure to their energy, experiences, wisdom and commitment is just what I need to revitalize my focus and motivate me to take that leap into the blogosphere and REPRESENT my demographic.  Black Baby Boomers ARE technologists, writers, creatives, and active participants on the web – well, at least some of us are, let’s keep it real.

Blogging is not the exclusive domain of the youth, although their lead is good to follow. Boomer Bloggers such as Patricia Patton, who posted What Boomers Need to Know About Blogging While Brown 2012 are energetic and devoted to their blogging.

Although I have missed every opportunity to participate in the Blogging While Brown conversation in person, I long to attend.  Fortunately, there is a multitude of video content about the 2012 Blogging While Brown conference in Philadelphia, PA, and prior conferences as well.  Blogging While Brown even has its own Youtube Channel.  Their mastery of today’s platforms and their sharing is impressive.  I could not be more proud of their community.

Look for me on the 22nd. I would love to be among them, and hope I can attend this year.

Wow… this was big fun! I’ll have to do this more often!


Why Black Baby Boomers?

We are a unique demographic, aren’t we? Collectively our stories are blended into the fabric of untold, overlooked, unrecognized, taken for granted, hidden, hushed, and not verbalized. Our power is untapped, underutilized, dissipated, scattered.

On the contrary, our lives are heard in our songs, felt through the tingling words of our poets and authors and secreted in our own diaries. We are the fine, luscious art, compelling and precious images celebrated in word, paper, canvas, clay, fabric, song, bone and gold created by masters and we are also those masters. Our imprints, subtle and bodacious are omnipotent.

We have something to say. Shout it Out! Recognize! Celebrate! Remember!

We’re here!

Are you like me?

We have something in common for sure – far more than our looks, our hues and textures and vernacular.  Our views – our takes on it – our voices – our stories – our footprints and imprints are uniquely alike and unlike.

This Black Baby Boomer is admittedly a procrastinating, often overwhelmed, and unfocused being, full of interests and undeveloped talents. This one is of full of potential and passions and easily distracted by fascination, mundane and obligation, simplicity and complexity alike.

What’s your story?  Which Black Baby Boomers are you?

Well…we’re here now … at a nexus focused on connecting all the elements of our fascinating, simple, infinite complexities of being of Black Baby Boomers.

What a perfect place to connect our dots.  Find yourself in this space, if not now, then later. Drop a line and let me know what’s not here yet and know that it’s coming.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.  Come back often and bring your people.